5 Ways Better Hearing Helps Your Career

When you think about how hearing loss might be affecting your life, the biggest financial impact that comes to mind is probably the initial cost of hearing aids. But the bigger financial impact is likely to be on your career and yearly earnings. A 2011 study by the Better Hearing Institute revealed that hearing loss […]

How Headphones and Earbuds Affect Your Hearing

Tune In to Your Hearing Media and music are more accessible than ever, making earbuds and headphones essential. With the rise in technology use, it’s no surprise that there’s a rise in hearing loss. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), one in eight people in the U.S. (13%) ages […]

4 Ways Hearing Loss Impacts Your Life

There’s a common statistic that individuals with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before seeking treatment — and a lot can happen in those seven years. Hearing loss may have affected your life in any number of ways, including: 1) Your Family In many cases, frustration over having to ask for words to […]

Adjusting to Hearing Aids: Communication Tips

Better hearing requires more than just hearing aids. Hearing your best means having the right technology for the right environments that you’re in most often — fit specifically to your unique hearing needs — and maximizing that technology with better communication strategies. Anytime you or a family member is fitted with new technology, there will […]

Diabetes and Your Hearing

A recent study from the National Institutes of Health has combined the results of 13 earlier diabetes studies and found that impaired hearing was twice as common among people with diabetes — yet many individuals with diabetes are still unaware of the link. It’s still not known exactly how these conditions are related, but it […]