Elizabeth McCarty

Licensed Dispenser

Elizabeth McCarty was raised primarily in Anchorage, by Dr. Thomas and Minnie McCarty. Growing up, she spent summers closer to her native roots in her mother’s village with her and family, at fish camp or berry picking; she even started school in the village before returning to continue classes in Anchorage.

Elizabeth still enjoys many of her cultural ways with her own children, taking them fishing, dip netting, camping and picking berries in the fall, often much closer to home now.

Growing up in a home with an Operating Room Nurse and Audiologist, she was intrigued by helping people medically. Elizabeth remembered as child, going with her dad to help test the hearing of employees who worked in high noise environments, of course, only when school was out. She had a simple job: asking them to “Please have a seat and push the button every time you hear a beep.” She took her job seriously and loved helping her dad.

After graduating from high school, she worked in a hospital as an administrative support technician, which only grew her interest in the medical field. She worked briefly as a medical assistant, quickly realizing, she wanted to do more for her patients. Elizabeth yearned to be a bigger part of the solutions offered to the concerns and issues of her patients. She had an opportunity to train and work closely with the secretary of a company she watched be built from the ground up, a company that set out every day to help people make life changes and stay connected to the world around them.

Elizabeth realized that she would be stepping back into a role she wanted to move on from, but also believed deeply in the cause of this company. Elizabeth researched the career opportunities within the company as she grew in ability, maturity and skill within the audiology and hearing aid dispensing field. Elizabeth felt confident that her goal to offer more to those who sought the help was in reach by accepting this position.